Regular Languages

Besides business focused courses, Volksuniversiteit Venlo also offers language courses for private aims. For example if you want to learn a language as a hobby, if you are going to emigrate or you want to learn a language for your partner. To master a foreign language is something to be proud of and gives you pleasure for the rest of your life.

The languages we offer are: Dutch, German, English, French, Italian and Spanish.

To determine the level of your language skills we organize intake evenings twice a year. During these intake evenings teachers determine with you in a 10-minute talk your current level of the specific language and which course level would be the best for you. Signing up for these intake evenings is possible on our website.

During these communal, weekly lessons of 1,5 hours we work with a fixed program. To achieve maximum results, 2-3 hours a week of self-study at home is expected.

For our language courses we apply the standard of the European frame of references to determine the level of the language. There are six levels beginning with level A1 and ending with level C2.